The Birdie is a project developed by Balkanleaks and Bivol experts which goal is to provide simple and low cost solution for affordable secure calls over any carrier.


the birdie projectWhat were the available solutions until now?

  • The existing secure voice is implemented over data links, IP or CSD, requiring a data plan subscription.
  • Devices using data cryptocalls can be tracked by IMEI/IMSI or the service subscription.
  • App solutions might not be secure if phone OS is compromised.
  • There is a limited choice of generally expensive devices (cryptophones) and apps.

What the Birdie hands-free device gives You?

  • The Birdie hands-free device is implementing scrambled voice over any carrier: GSM/UMTS/LTE (2G to 4G), PSTN (landlines), VoIP (Skype, Viber, etc.).
  • The device uses the voice channel, no data plan is required. The (de)scrambling device looks like a classic hands-free (box with mic/earphones and 3.5 mm TRRS phone connector or a bluetooth headset).
  • The phone/SIM card is independent – less traceable.
  • The device hardware is cheap: 30 – 50 $.
  • It is transparent to the mobile voice codecs and uses open source software – community-supported, no NSA backdoors.

How does the Birdie hands-free device work?

the birdie project11. Place a normal call Plug the Birdie Hands-free in your phone just like any hands-free device; When not turned on Birdie works just as another hands-free device. To place a secure call power the Birdie hands-free the Status led goes RED.

2. Negotiate a secure call Dial the number of your buddy who has another Birdie hands-free. When he answers press the Secure button. Your buddy will hear a melody, telling them to plug his Birdie hands-free and to press the Secure button. The Birdie devices start negotiating a secure link. Led is FLASHING YELLOW.

birdie project

3. Talk securely. Once the secure link is established, both Birdie devices display a fixed GREEN led. Three letter codes appear on the displays You say and I say. Exchange them by voice to avoid Man in the Middle attack. Talk. Your call is secured.

Birdie project 2

You have Bulletproof end-to-end voice scrambling secured by one time key.

Birdie device

And most important – The Birdie project is NSA unapproved! 🙂

Birdie NSA unapproved

Now The Birdie Project is on the stage of Fundraising. The Birdie Project need Your Support!

Here is the Birdie Project page in Indiegogo where you can give your contribution.

And here – the Birdie Project in GitHub.

Join the Birdie Project now!  Protect Your Privacy!