Interactive concept video for indie band The “Arcade Fire” has been created using HTML5 and the latest innovations on web technology

“The Wilderness Downtown” project was created by popular music video director and photographer Chris Milk for the band Arcade Fire’s new song “We Used to Wait” and Google. Building this project on the web and for the Chrome browser it allows Google to craft an experience that is not only personalized, but also deeply personal for each viewer.  You have to input the address of the home you grew up in and make it a full interactive version of the video clip.

This revolutionary new concept video experiment showcases many of the latest developments on the web. It features a mash-up of Google Maps and Google Street View with HTML5 canvas, HTML5 audio and video, an interactive drawing tool, and choreographed windows that dance around the screen. These modern web technologies have helped us craft an experience that is personalized and unique for each viewer, as you virtually run through the streets where you grew up.

The project was built with Chrome in mind, so it’s best experienced in Chrome’s beta. To launch the project and learn more about how we made it,  visit Chrome Experiments site.

You can see example of the project here: