Cannes Lion worthy Ad Creative:The Last Advertising Agency on Earth

What will the future of advertising look like? The answer depends on whether or not traditional advertising agencies truly embrace the power of digital to reach consumers and build brands in new, exciting ways. ‘The Last Advertising Agency on Earth’ is a film about what might happen if they don’t.

This video, created by Saatchi & Saatchi, Canada, to promote an upcoming digital and technology festival in Toronto, is shot in documentary style and tells the story of the  demise of a mock ad agency.
The narrator talks about the agency’s “arrogance” and “ignorance” and how it chose to ignore all the changes occurring around them.
The message is: “Don’t become the last advertising agency on earth, attend FITC Toronto  April 25th – 27th, 2010!”

Creative director: Brett Channer
Creative director: Helen Pak
Associate creative director: Brian Sheppard
Art director: Helen Pak
Copywriter: Brian Sheppard

Filming was shot by Jason Zada via Tool of North America
Executive producer: Erich Joiner
Producer: Kelly Christianson
Director of photography: Ketil Dietrichso