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This Exquisite Forest – the Next Google Chrome Creative Experiment

Aaron Coblin

After “The Wilderness Downtown” and “Johnny Cash” Projects creative team Chris Milk and Aaron Koblin produced again a real masterpiece uniting Creativity, Technology and Crowdsourcing…
Have you ever play the The Exquisite Corpse game? Created by Paris Surrealists in 20’s of ХХ-th century that is writing game where one person builds on the last person’s sentence, passing the paper around in a circle. This idea is the foundation of the new collaborative video art project from Google Creative Lab in partnership with London’s Tate Modern art gallery called This Exquisite Forest.

Be Part of the History – Join Google Cinematic Experiment “Life in a Day”


Do You want to be part of the world history? Do You want to join the team of the famous movie directors Kevin Macdonald and Ridley Scott? Do You want to attend the 2011 Sundance Film Festival? Do you have a video camera (no matter what)? If You answer YES these questions, just shoot a short video of your life – but only on the 24-th of the July, 2010!

Greece is in recesion, but Creativity is not! Kraft and Oglilvy prove it with Lacta new Ad campaign

Борис Луканов

Kraft Foods Greece and OgilvyOne Worldwide Athens just poved how creativity and modern Marketing 2.0 approach are able to achieve amazing and successfull results with minimum advertising budget. Their last Ad campaign for Lacta Chocolate is brilliant example of clever aplying of creativity power, web 2.0 communication tools , crowdsourscing posibilities, combining with traditional media use.

Crowdsourcing концепцията – нова версия на хакерската идея за Икономика на Базара?

Борис Луканов

Когато миналия месец написах поста “Crowdsourcing – най-новата Маркетинг 2.0 идея”аз представих тази концепция като нов бизнес модел, разработен теоретично и приложен в практиката през последните няколко години. Но…като малко се позамислих, всъщност открих, че тази концепция не е никак нова – тя работи на практика и дава реални резултати в хакерските общности от средата…

Crowdsourcing – най-новата Маркетинг 2.0 идея

Борис Луканов

Crowdsoursing, Collaborative economy, Business open innovations, Collective intelligence, Wikinomics – това са все близки по съдържание понятия, появили се и употребявани напоследък, за да опишат една нова маркетингова концепция, родена от WEB 2.0 феномена. А именно – компаниите започват все по-активно да въвличат техните собствени клиенти в процеса на разработването и подобряването на продуктите и…