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This Exquisite Forest – the Next Google Chrome Creative Experiment

Aaron Coblin

After “The Wilderness Downtown” and “Johnny Cash” Projects creative team Chris Milk and Aaron Koblin produced again a real masterpiece uniting Creativity, Technology and Crowdsourcing…
Have you ever play the The Exquisite Corpse game? Created by Paris Surrealists in 20’s of ХХ-th century that is writing game where one person builds on the last person’s sentence, passing the paper around in a circle. This idea is the foundation of the new collaborative video art project from Google Creative Lab in partnership with London’s Tate Modern art gallery called This Exquisite Forest.

Националното ученическо състезание “Аз мога!” прерасна в Академия за информационни технологии и визуални изкуства

аз мога лятна академия

След второто успешно издание на Националното ученическо състезание “Аз мога!”, тази година организаторите на инициативата KIWI Design решиха да я доразвият на по-високо ниво и да организират за първи път ученическа Лятна IT Академия, която ще позволи на десетки млади таланти да се докоснат до най-новите тенденции в сферата на уеб бизнеса, дизайна, маркетинга, креативността и бизнес моделирането.
Академията „Аз мога – тук и сега!“ ще открие врати за една седмица в комплекс „Исмена” в Девинот 26 август до 2 септември, като основен неин партньор ще бъде Superhosting.BG.

Making of: The Adobe Museum of Digital Media – a space unlike any created before!


The Adobe Museum of Digital Media (AMDM) is a space unlike any created before. Because it is entirely digital, it is an ideal gallery for displaying and viewing digital media, as well as revealing the innovation and artistry within the work. It is open to the public 365 days a year and is accessible from anywhere in the world. The AMDM is designed to echo the sensory experience of a traditional, physical museum, yet is contained entirely online. Museum visitors will have a three-stage encounter with the virtual structure: museum exterior, museum interior and a viewing pod from which to experience the exhibitions.