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The Generation Web Manifesto

“We, the Web Kids” by Piotr Czerski – a Masterpiece Essay Must Read!
We, the Web kids; we, who have grown up with the Internet and on the Internet, are a generation who meet the criteria for the term in a somewhat subversive way. We did not experience an impulse from reality, but rather a metamorphosis of the reality itself. What unites us is not a common, limited cultural context, but the belief that the context is self-defined and an effect of free choice…

Peter Czerski (a pseudonym, also known under the nickname * c) is Polish poet and writer, and co-founder of the band Towary Zastępcze (Replacement Goods) , for which he writes the lyrics. He graduated from Computer science, he also studied Philosophy.

Манифест на Generation M


Много силно вдъхновяващ текст публикува вчера в Harvard Business Умер Хак – директор на Havas Media Lab, нашумял с публикациите си в популярни медии като Wired, The Red Herring, Business 2.0,BusinessWeek, и като партньор на Крис Андерсън, станал известен с бестселъра си Long Tail. Текстът е озаглавен The Generation M Manifesto и го споделям тук…