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Could Creativity Reinvent the Capitalism? Umair Haque, Alex Bogusky and Michael Porter say YES!


Umair Haque with his last book “New Capitalist Manifesto”, Alex Bogusky with his “Fearless Revolution” ideas and recently launched new social brand COMMON and Michael Porter with the “Business Shared Value” concept (developed together with Mark Kramer) put foundations of the real process of rethinking, reforming and reinventing the way of functioning the modern society economy during the last decades and start building cornerstones of completely New /Creative/Constructive/Sustainable Capitalism – could name it Capitalism 3.0.

Традиционните вестници умират, бъдещето е на Nichepapers, обяви Умер Хак в новия си Манифест


След като разбуни духовете с невероятно силния като текст и нови идеи Generation M Manifesto, Умер Хак /директор на Havas Media Lab, нашумял с публикациите си в популярни медии като Wired, The Red Herring, Business 2.0,BusinessWeek, и като партньор на Крис Андерсън, станал известен с бестселъра си Long Tail/, публикува в Harvard Business още един…