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FUTURESTATES – Project Yourself into the Future!

Борис Луканов

FUTURESTATES is a Futuristic art project developed by Independent Television Service (ITVS) who asked 11 experienced filmmakers and emerging talents to take the current state of affairs in the United States, and extrapolate them into stories of the nation in the not-so-distant future.

They created 11 short narrative films transforming today’s complex social issues into visions about what life in America will be like in decades to come. The first season of FUTURESTATES debuted in March 2010, and is available exclusively online.

Trent Reznor New Project HOW TO DESTROY ANGELS starts with a bloody video

The cult underground icon Trent Reznor has returned with a brand new bloody video “The Space in Between” and brand new musical Project aside of Nine Inch Nails, called How to Destroy Angels. It featuring also Reznor wife Mariqueen Maandig and Atticus Ross – who have been worked with NIN last 10 years. Rob Sheridan is the Project art director.

Ти си млад, креативен и искаш да идеш на рекламния фестивал в Кан безплатно? Виж как!

Организаторите на тазгодишния, 57-ми поред, международен рекламен фестивал Cannes Lions са решили допълнително да възбудят интереса към събитието с интересен креативен подход. Вчера те, в партньорство с YouTube обявиха един наистина интригуващ контест с таглайн: “Make an ad. Spread the word. Go to Cannes. You have 48 hours”.