Trends for 2010 from the point of view of the most popular Marketing 2.0 bloggers

Interesting idea of Who’s Blogging What blog – 42 popular bloggers from the “new generation” of Marketing 2.0 answer 5 questions:

1. For social media marketers, 2010 will be the year that…

2. The term “Social Media ROI” is still full of mystery. What type of benchmarks should marketers be using right now?

3. How do we separate hype from reality in social media as we enter 2010?

4.Will we be more, or less optimistic about the ability to sell through social media by this time next year?

5. How would your favorite historical character have used today’s social media?

…and some last bits of advice to take with you as we enter the first social decade….

Among them are: Ann Handley, Alexandra Samuel, Brian Solis, Mitch Joel, Andy Beal, Paul Dunay, Joe Pulizzi and many more…

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