To help ring in the new year, we thought we would create some New Year’s Resolutions for the entire ad industry. Please do your best to keep them.

Advertising for Peanuts

1. No more advertising of random URLs that lead you to pointless micro-sites.

2. We will try to go an entire year without using animals in our commercials.

3. We will stop giving awards to ads that only 15 people have ever seen.

4. Let’s resolve not to give the “Real Men of Genius” radio any more
awards merely out of habit.

5. We’ll stop creating faux-amateur looking viral videos.

6. We will stop calling web films “viral videos”.

7. We will refrain from making the volume of our ads ridiculously higher than the volume of the show.

8. We will stop using great music over crappy spots.

9. We will refrain from anything ambient that uses sewer grates.

10. Let’s not declare traditional advertising entirely dead until maybe
next year.