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Boris Loukanov

Born: 12.08.1966, Leo and Fire Horse /Chinese calendar/

Live in: Sofia, Bulgaria

Tel.: 0887-602-707



Interested in: Integrated Marketing Communications, Social Media Marketing, Internet Marketing, Guerrilla Marketing, Advertising, Public Relations, Mass Communication, Media, Art, Movie, Theater, Music, Sport, Psychology, Sociology, Politics, Modern Design, Sub-culture, Innovations, Travelling and ZEN…

Think I have: a neverending desire for “selfactualization” and ability to “update” my knowledge, to learn permanently the new inside my interests, to discover the most actual trends, to find the most recent information and to enjoy all of this…

Professional CV

Boris Loukanov
Marketing Creative Lab
Marketing & PR Consultant
Boris Loukanov – Digital Marketing Consultant, Web Communications and New Media Specialist, PR & Advertising Expert, Internet Geek, Citizen Hacktivist, Blogger


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