The digital marketing agency 360i , released this week  Mobile Marketing Playbook – an extremely useful 87-page strategic guide for marketers, in my opinion – the best mobile marketing guide you can find for free download in the web.

Mobile-MarketingFor the past decade, every year has been the ‘Year of Mobile,’ and marketers could understandably experience mobile fatigue even before planning their first campaign thanks to all that hype. The difference looking forward to 2011 is that this is the first time that consumer behavior and mobile platforms have reached sufficient scale for mobile to move beyond an emerging media tactic for mainstream marketers. During this pivotal, transitional period, 360i’s Mobile Marketing Playbook demonstrates how mobile is finally experiencing its tipping point as one of the critical components of the digital marketing landscape.

Mobile is finally experiencing its tipping point as one of the critical components of the digital marketing landscape, much like search marketing experienced in the early 2000s and social marketing during the past few years. Mobile is perhaps one of the most exciting and revolutionary forms of media to flourish over the last decade, as it builds exponentially on the groundbreaking changes brought on by search and social. While the PC Internet is completely divorced from the physical world, mobile breaks down these walls and brings the power of the Internet into the real world in real time, said Bryan Wiener CEO of 360i.

The Mobile Marketing Playbook covers all major mobile marketing subject areas, including search engine marketing and optimization, SMS, media planning, social marketing, application development and promotion, shopping and barcodes. It will help marketers to:

  • Work within a framework for establishing a set of clear objectives for their mobile marketing strategy
  • Move beyond the checklist approach with a filter for evaluating the myriad of opportunities within mobile
  • Think of ways to use mobile to merge online and offline strategies, as a hub that bridges the gap
  • Encourage a dialogue about what matters in mobile now, and what’s ahead for this new and exciting medium
  • Jumpstart a dialogue about what matters in mobile now and what’s ahead

360i’s Mobile Marketing Playbook

360i Social Marketing Playbook by Boris Loukanov on Scribd