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Основателите на Socialbakers – специални гости на семинарите на eAcademy и SocialMe


Участниците в двете събития ще научат от Ян Резаб, Иржи Вовс и най-изявените български уеб експерти защо Facebook и социалните медии са незаменим маркетингов инструмент и как да ги използват успешно в своя бизнес.

На 14 юни и 1 юли в София предстоят два изключително интересни семинара, посветени на уеб маркетинга и по-специално на ролята на Фейсбук и социалните медии в съвременния бизнес. Първият е организиран от еАкадемия и е под наслов „еAcademy & Friends”, а вторият – “The Secrets of Facebook” е от уоркшоп серията на SocialMe – най-известната българска компания, специализирана в Social Media Marketing. Като специални гости на събитията са поканени двамата основатели на Socialbakers и Candytechсветовно известни чешки компании в сферата на Facebook маркетинга и Social data анализите и статистиките, сред най-авторитетните в мрежата на Facebook Prefered Developer Consultants…


Desperados Experience – истински маркетинг криейтив в действие


Понеже основната тема на блога ми е „marketing creative” просто няма как да не отдам почит на поредното страхотно маркетинг криейтив постижение – новата глобална рекламна кампания на Desperados – tequila flavored бира (бранд на Hеineken). Desperados Experience за мен е фаворитът за най-креативна маркетинг кампания на годината, поне до този момент, разбира се.

The Art of Enchantment – Guy Kawasaki New Video

Enchantment: The Art of Changing Hearts, Minds, and Actions is Guy Kawasaki tenth book. In it, he explains how to influence what people will do while maintaining the highest standards of ethics.If you want to change the world — or even part of the world, this book is for you. It explains all the tactics you need to prepare and launch an enchantment campaign; to get the most from both push and pull technologies; and to enchant your customers, your employees, and even your boss. It shows how enchantment can turn difficult decisions your way, at times when intangibles mean more than hard facts. It will help you overcome other people’s entrenched habits and defy the not-always-wise “wisdom of the crowd.”

As Kawasaki writes, “Want to change the world? Change caterpillars into butterflies? That’s a big goal, but one that’s possible for all of us.

In House или Outsource модел – къде е мястото на Social Media маркетинга в структурата на една организация?


Няма спор, че развитието на Social Media маркетинга в България е все още в своя зародиш, тепърва компаниите, институциите, организациите  започват да го откриват, а експертите по комуникация – да му обръщат подобаващо внимание. Идеята ми е да дам поле за дискусия по немаловажения въпрос – къде е мястото на Social Media маркетинга в структурата на компанията/организацията/институцията?

TED present new film about Alex Bogusky COMMON project


The short documentary is made especially for TED Ads Worth Spreading Challenge ruled by Wieden and Kennedy. This inspiring film calls on the TED community to “rebrand capitalism.” It’s an ambitious call to action that has real potential, and it definetely worth spreading. The film is shot by New York creative studio m ss ng p eces – team of artists and strategists dedicated to cross-platform storytelling.

Ymarketing Published Super Bowl 2011 Social Brand Scoreboard Report


Digital Agency Ymarketing published Super Bowl 2011 Social Brand Scoreboard Report. It brings measurable data and analysis to the post-Super Bowl ad discussion. With many advertisers on this year’s Super Bowl XLV encouraging participation on social media networks like Facebook and Twitter, the need to measure how well those dollars influenced online and social consumer behavior became apparent.In this very useful for marketers document you will find…

Watch Super Bowl 2011 TV Commercials before Super Bowl!

More than 30 brands, more than 55 TV commercials to be shown on Sunday, the 6-th of February during the Super Bowl 2011 45-th final (between the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Green Bay Packers).

The advertisers having spent up to $3 million per 30 seconds of ad time in the Fox telecast expected to be seen by more than 100 million. Even Groupon, the daily deals coupon site that recently raised $950 million in venture-capital funding, secured an ad spot on TV for Super Bowl XLV.

За няколко линка повече – морално ли е да се продават и купуват Facebook страници и групи?

Напоследък в родните уеб среди се зароди едно извратено „бизнес” явление – масово се продават и купуват Facebook станици и групи. Ако употребя SEO терминологията – това си е типична „black hat” техника за линк байт, генериране на трафик и импресии и нечестно печелене на пари. Подобни измамни практики не са нито морални, още по-малко професионални , а освен това много от тях са и в нарушение на правилата на Facebook.

The Best Digital Creative Campaigns on Decade

The One club – the world’s foremost non-profit organization devoted to elevating creative work in the advertising industry invited top digital creatives gurus to choose the best interactive works from the past decade 2000 – 2010. Over 75 creative digital campaigns were nominated, 100 judges voted for their favorites, and the top 10 Best of the Best were determined/ And the winners are…

European Internet Business Appeal to EU Not to Eat Up the Cookies


The EU Article 29 Working Party “Opinion 2/2010 on online behavioural advertising” will bury the Web Business and will harm not only the European companies but the consumers as well. For people who are concerned about cookies this means web browsers that are easily user configurable give you privacy options you can set BEFORE you go browsing; so when you enter a website you already have YOUR chosen privacy settings in place. And after all people visit websites because they choose to, not because they are being forced by the marketer.
Data protection and privacy are an important part of the development of the internet, which relies on mutually beneficial collaboration. Consumers should be confident to share data, and it should be seen as vital that consumers are educated to the benefits of behavioural tracking…